Calligraphy Workshop and Haiku Animation Workshop

We are happy to announce two fantastic workshops at this year’s festival.

Calligraphy Workshop (12pm ~15pm)

'Jody' written by Yukiko Ayres

'Jody' written by Yukiko Ayres(12pm~3pm)

You can learn to write in Japanese at our exciting Calligraphy Workshop. We expanded the time 12:00 to 15:00  so more people can experience the beauty of Japanese traditional writings.

This event, suitable for children and adults and it will cost just £5 per person. The teacher is Yukiko Ayres, a London-based highly respected professional Calligrapher, whose workshops and demonstrations are sought after at famous events such as Hyper Japan, the UK’s biggest J-culture event.

A calligraphy workshop is very rare in Wales, and as this is also Yukiko Ayres’ first workshop in Wales, let’s make sure to give her a very warm Kotatsu welcome.

Haiku Animation Workshop (11am~16pm)

Join animation and education specialists Gritty Realism for this practical introduction to the basic of stop motion animation. The workshop is suitable for 8-14 years olds and is £10 per person. There are limited spaces so please book early by contacting

Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival is in partnership with Chapter’s  Young Person’s Film Academy.

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4 Responses to Calligraphy Workshop and Haiku Animation Workshop

  1. Jenny Cowell says:

    Do you have to book for the Calligraphy workshop? Very keen on attending and don’t want to miss out.

    • Hello Jenny Cowell

      Thank you for your enquiry. You don’t have to book for the Calligraphy workshop but we believe this event will be very popular, so please come early just in case.

      • Jenny says:

        Thank you, I will come along straight after seeing Arrietty and hope you have space for me, looking forward to the festival immensely.

  2. Yukiko Ayres says:

    Dear Jenny
    Thank you for coming the Japanese Calligrapy Workshop! I hope you had a good time. I am looking forward to seeing you again.
    Best regards,

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