Raffle Cardiff 2010

Below are some of the prizes on offer as part of our 2010 raffle. To be in with a chance of winning, be sure to buy your raffle tickets when they become available nearer the festival date.

Star Prizes

Bamboo Fun Medium
Bamboo Mini Animator


Courtesy of Wacom

The Bamboo Fun combines multi-touch functionality and pen tablet technology in a single device! A simple tap of the finger will select an icon or open a menu and with two fingers you can easily zoom and rotate photos or scroll down. Styled in silver, Bamboo Fun allows you to create natural-looking paintings or drawings. You can retouch your photos with the pen – or personalise your documents using handwritten notes, sketches or doodles. That’s not all! A variety of useful Bamboo Mini software applications inside Bamboo Dock are kept ready for download – for example Animator: A handy tool for sketching animations. Draw sheet by sheet with your Bamboo Fun and then bring your drawings to life. You can even export your image series to use them in any other application.


Stop Motion Pro V7

Animation Software: Stop Motion Pro

Courtesy of Animation Supplies

Stop Motion Pro V7 has been developed in consultation with Aardman Animations (the makers of Wallace and Gromit). The software offers students, animators and animation producers the most comprehensive and easy to use toolset yet. Stop Motion Pro requires a video camera, webcam or digital stills camera and is compatible with Win XP, Vista and Windows 7. It can also be used on Apple Macs using either Boot Camp or Parallels.

Animation DVDs

Many thanks to Tony at MVM Entertainment who are very kindly donating one Volume 1 DVD of each of the following great series.
Aquarion - Image


Desert Punk - Image

Desert Punk

Fate Stay Night - Image

Fate Stay Night

Romeo x Juliet - Image

Rome x Juliet

Rozen Maiden - Image

Rozen Maiden

Samurai Deeper Kyo - Image

Samurai Deeper Kyo

Slayers - Image


Solty Rei - Image

Solty Rei

X - Image


Crochet and Knitted Gifts

ETIMO Crochet Hooks Set

Courtesy of Tulip

You are able to hook the yarn easily with smooth head and soft cushion grip. The ergonomically shaped grip developed independently by Tulip is very comfortable to hold and tireless. This soft cushion grip uses elastomer and its texture is very soft. ETIMO gives you smooth knitting and fits comfortably in your hand.

Smooth hook tip

The finely polished hook tip provides a smooth feel to crocheting without catching on the threads.

Cushion grip

A special rubber material is used which fits gently into the fingers, greatly reducing the load which the fingers bear.

Easy-to-grip shape

The shape of this hook was developed independently by Tulip, and is easy to hold, easy to turn, and does not slip.

Original Knitted Cap

Courtesy of Euro Japan Trading Co.

Beautifully hand knitted with Alpaka Yarn.

£20 Voucher for Butterfly Fabrics

Courtesy of Butterfly.

Crochet Gifts

Courtesy of Sharon Meredith, Crochet teacher

Beautifully hand-crocheted shawl.

Crochet Gifts

Courtesy of Bekah D’Aborn.

Amazing crocheted sushi dish with an egg and tuna sushi, and cucumber and salmon maki rolls. Beautifully hand-crocheted

Books & CDs

Studio Ghibli Layout Designs Book

Courtesy of Studio Ghibli

This book, currently only available at the Ghibli exhibition in Japan, showcases the layout designs from many of Studio Ghibli’s famous films.

A true collectable for any fan, and we’ve got one for a very lucky winner.

Let’s Create Clay Animation & Puppet Animation

Courtesy of Socym

Puppet Making, Clay Animation, Armature, Digital Editing Technique with PC Software, etc…

This is a Perfect Guide for Creating Stop Motion Animation!!

Eizou +8

Courtesy of Graphic sha

Japanese film magazine, with articles including ‘the making of stop-motion feature film Coraline’, and ‘how to make puppet animation by yourself’.

Igam Ogam Book 1 – Where’s My Doggie?

Courtesy of Calon TV.
Thanks to Calon TV, we are giving away books from their Children’s TV series Igam Ogam.

Igam Ogam Book 2 – I’m Not Igam Ogam

Courtesy of Calon TV.
Thanks to Calon TV, we are giving away books from their Children’s TV series Igam Ogam.

Origami for Children: 35 step-by-step projects with origami paper included

Courtesy of Mari Ono.

Contains 35 designs with comprehensive step-by-step instructions, including a pack of 60 pieces of origami paper to help you make every project in the book. Origami for Children is the perfect introduction to origami, the fun Japanese papercraft for parents and children of all ages.

The Simple Art of Sumi-E: Mastering Japanese Ink Painting

Courtesy of Takumasa Ono (Cico Books).

All the techniques to create works of outstanding beauty are here, presented by Takumasa Ono, a master and teacher of many years’ experience. He begins by looking at the “Four Treasures” of Sumi-E (paper, brushes, ink, and stone), and demonstrates simple brushstrokes and traditional ways of composing the picture. Fifteen easy, yet lovely projects range from greeting cards to wall paintings, from decorated fabrics to tiles. A special feature is an “Inspirations” chapter with 100 common Western first names done in calligraphy, as well as haikus and Zen proverbs to enhance the projects.

Simple Art of Japanese Papercrafts

Courtesy of Mari Ono (Cico Books).

The Art of Japanese Papercrafts reveals traditions of old-style beauty, charm, and delicacy that are the basis of the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. Mari Ono presents top Japanese paper folding techniques, including origami and embellishments, in more than 30 easy-to-understand projects. Blending centuries of tradition with modern techniques, this delightful text gives readers the skills they need to create lastingly beautiful gifts and home accessories.

J.S.Bach CD (played by Pablo Casals)

Courtesy of Euro Japan Trading Co.

Japanese Label Opus Kura.


Courtesy of: Toyo.

Painting Set

Courtesy of: Major Brushes.

This painting set comes complete with paints, brushes and canvas.


£10 Voucher for TK Trading (5 vouchers up for grabs)

Courtesy of T.K Trading
The vouchers are valid until 31st May 2011, and only for use at TK Trading’s online shop. Please enter voucher details (number and amount) into the space provided when checking out.

Full English Breakfast

Courtesy of Servini’s

Enjoy a full English breakfast, freshly made just the way you like it, at our friendly family run business, and at your convenience.


Badges (with Autograph)

Courtesy of Yuichi Ito, I.TOON Animation Studio

Handmade Samurai Warrior

Courtesy of Sin Hosokawa, Japanese animator

Knitted Christmas Tree

Courtesy of Miho Yata (Japanese animator)

Hand knitted from her Original design.

Crochet bear

Courtesy of Miho Yata (Japanese animator)

Crochet bear which was used in her animation “Kni-Train”.

Original postcards

Courtesy of Miho Yata (Japanese animator)

Small books

Courtesy of Miho Yata (Japanese animator)

Handmade Cards

Courtesy of Inspired Bliss


Courtesy of Chie Arai (Japanese animator)


Courtesy of Chie Arai (Japanese animator)

Postcard, Coaster, Magnet

Courtesy of Masayuki Inoue (Pantograph)

Hana – Flower

Courtesy of Yoshiko Hamayasu

Paper Machine

Courtesy of Makoto Sugawara

Sweet Snow

Courtesy of Takayo Nishimura

Para Para Theatre

Courtesy of Takayo Nishimura


Courtesy of Toru Ebara

Merry-go-round of Gajumaru

Courtesy of Atsuko Koguma

T Shirts

Courtesy of Icco Sasai

Other Prizes

Miniature Kotatsu

Courtesy of Re-ment

These models are from Japan

Doll – Sali Mali Dolls

Courtesy of Calon TV.

Thanks to Calon TV, we’ve got Sali Mali dolls.

Welsh Gifts

Courtesy of Isabellas

Hand painted welsh Mug

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