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Kotatsu 2018 Festival Dates!

28th – 30th September
To Be Confirmed

The Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival was created by organizer Mrs Eiko Ishii Meredith. Launched in November 2010 at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, UK, the festival screens the best in Japanese animation and culture to a wide audience.

A ‘Kotatsu‘ is a table unique to Japan, which is draped in a blanket, futon or quilt, and which has a heater underneath. It’s ideal to keep your feet and legs warm while you are working away on the cold winter nights. So, come on in, pull the blanket around you and enjoy some of the finest Japanese animation available.

Character Designs & Animation courtesy of
Chie Arai


Message from Professor Yuichi Ito

From Professor Yuichi Ito

Professor of Animation at Tokyo University

Hello! KOTATSU Film Festival!
It is a great honour for me to be invited.
Japanese animation is full of very wide charms.
British animation is the reason I started to make clay animation,
and this time I am looking forward to introducing my speciality,
Japanese stop-motion animation, to you.
I am going to bring my puppets which I used in my film.
Please talk to me when you see me at Chapter.

Professor Yuichi Ito

Message translated by Eiko Meredith

Message from Isao Takahata

From Isao Takahata

Japanese Animation Film Director,
and Co-Head of Studio Ghibli

I am delighted to hear that this Japanese Animation Film Festival will be held at Cardiff, a city with a tradition of hosting film festivals.

When I was informed that the title of the Festival was to be KOTATSU, I immediately felt something of a personal affinity; it was very much a serendipitous moment for me.

By sheer coincidence one of my own films “Hohokekyo Tonari no Yamada-kun” (My Neighbors the Yamadas)
has many scenes based around the kotatsu, a Japanese style of room/body heater.

The image of sitting around the kotatsu symbolizes the pleasure of happy family life in Japan.

If you ever have the opportunity to see the film you will understand what kotatsu means.

And that’s why I am particularly pleased to be able to wish every success to the KOTATSU Film Festival.

Isao Takahata

Message translated by Midori Matsui

Message from Yasuhiro Yoshiura

From Yasuhiro Yoshiura

Director: Patema Inverted


‘Patema Inverted (Sakasama no Patema)’ appeals to people globally, whatever their language and culture, whether they are devout fans of animation or not.

I very much hope that everyone who visits Kotatsu Japanese Animation Film Festival 2014 thoroughly enjoys the first Welsh showing of this film.

Yasuhiro Yoshiura

Message translated by Midori Matsui

Message from Tsuneo Goda

From Tsuneo Goda

Director: Komaneko

The Kotatsu Film Festival is such a lovely name for this festival of animation. Thank you once again for inviting me to participate in the festival. Komaneko is presented using ‘cat‘s language’. Some parts are also shown in ‘dog’s language’. The film should therefore be enjoyed by Japanese and British people, and indeed by people the world over, whatever their language. I would be thrilled and delighted to know that you enjoyed my film.

Tsuneo Goda

Message from Sayoko Kinoshita

From Sayoko Kinoshita

I visited Cardiff in 1992, when I cooperated to curate special programs of Japanese animation for an international animation festival held in Cardiff at that time. I remember that I felt very relaxed during my stay, where I enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere of this historical city, and also, by many people I met at the shopping center who were so kind and warm. I even thought of living in a city like Cardiff! Perhaps, the Welsh language might have given me a warm impression too.

Then, in HIROSHIMA ’98, I was very pleased to show a very strong special program of Welsh Animation,
having originality and individuality in variety, and I also showed the program in Okinawa after our festival. At that time, I was delighted to learn the unique history and climate of Wales,
reflected in the films. As such, I truly hope the Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival 2010
will provide a good opportunity for Japanese animation filmmakers to spread their animation culture in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, as well as to study the very high-quality British animation art too.

I also hope that the Festival will serve as a good site for friendship and exchange, just like a family gathering at Kotatsu, supporting many Japanese animation filmmakers to become very successful internationally.

Sayoko Kinoshita
Festival Director
International Animation Festival in Japan – HIROSHIMA

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